Our brilliant minds came up with what we believe would be:


Understanding how bold the above statement may sound (especially coming from extremely modest people that we are), let us explain .....

We offer high quality printing services at BELOW-MARKET prices. Our signature product "5000 Full Colour Business Cards" sold at  only $99 with FREE SHIPPING anywhere in Ontario.

Below you can see a sample of the referral card that we use:
GTA: 905-698-0500
Windsor: 519-962-5900
London:  519-488-2500
Toronto, Ontario printing company offering shipping anywhere in Canada
The card features an additional "$10 OFF" bonus. In order to receive it, a customer needs to provide us the NAME that they see at the back of the card under 
"Referred by". 

Upon purchasing the Referral Cards, we will pre-print your name at the back of them under "Referred by"  and ship them to you within the next 3-5 business days. Then you can give these cards to business owners, real estate agents or anyone else you think would benefit from our low, full colour printing prices.

The real "beauty" of these cards, however, is the ability to refer people that you don't even know!  Simply place these cards everywhere you go: at local supermarkets' bulletin boards, shops and restaurants' counters, community centres etc.  

The sky is the limit!

Make money doing things you're already doing! 
Get paid $25 for every qualified referral. 

Purchase your Referral Cards below for only $25 (+HST) for a set of 1000 
(including Free Shipping anywhere in Ontario).

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