Printed full colour on 13 oz. Glossy or Matte Vinyl  or 8 oz Polyester Mesh. 
When it comes to advertising anything, one of the best resources that can be found is vinyl banners.

The benefits of using vinyl banners are varied but each equally important, and speak a lot for the reasons they are so popular. These benefits of using vinyl banners include that they are useful, durable and professional, and they make vinyl banners so very popular among those who choose to use them.

Vinyl Banners are Useful…

Vinyl banners have uses that are almost limitless in nature, which makes them a great choice for decoration and advertising at many different events. Celebrations like anniversaries, birthdays, award ceremonies and graduations, political rallies and virtually all types of businesses are great uses for vinyl banners. Sponsors use these banners to advertise at sports games, parades and expos. It is important to business owners to use vinyl banners in order to get the word of their business and product out there for customers to see.

Vinyl Banners are Durable

Aside from being incredibly useful, vinyl banners are also known for being extremely durable. Instead of paper or cloth banners that tend to become damaged when exposed to the elements, vinyl banners are made from a water resistant material that holds up well. Merchants, business owners, politicians and party-goers who are deciding whether to buy a banner often choose vinyl ones so that they can be assured it will last as long as possible with no trouble from bleeding ink and ripped edges.

Vinyl Banners are Professional

No matter the use for vinyl banners, whether it be for a celebration for a co-worker or a sales ad for a business, it is important for the banner to look professional to those who are viewing it in order for it to be taken seriously. This is yet another benefit of using vinyl banners – the shiny finish of the vinyl material paired with its durability so that the edges do not look worn and the image or design doesn't bleed makes the banner look very professional in nature, which in turn lends itself well to the credibility and trustworthiness of the business, company or political candidate the banner is being used for.
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